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Ready to discover what AIMCO has to offer? Our PRODUCTS page will take you through the full catalog of AIMCO Manufacturing. Everything from suspension, lifting devices, end tooling and system safeties will be shown in full detail. Standard and custom products are shown in this section.

Want a visual to help you start off your application? Check out AIMCO's massive video library for something that may suit your needs. We have projects that cover just about every material handling application the industry has to offer with over one hundred videos posted as examples for our site.


Need some pricing on your next material handling project? Visit our REQUEST FOR QUOTE page for full instructions on how  get your RFQ submitted to us. Be sure to fully fill out an Application Data Sheet (ADS) and our sales team will assign your job to one of our expert engineers.

AIMCO has teamed up with Gorbel for another Promat show this year. Mark Grandusky (Product Sales Manager) is with Eric Steffes, discussing AIMCO's ACU end effector integration with the force sensing hub provided by the Gorbel G-Force. AIMCO was showcased as a preferred integrator, and has built a relationship with their products for the past 20 years. One of the most important parts of completing a Gorbel system is to have the right tooling that will pick up the specific parts to meet customers needs. Having a unified suspension, lifting device, and end tool is key to having a successful ergonomic solution, and will keep the customer coming back for material handling systems in the future. Promat 2017 in Chicago had many products for the material handling industry, and had more 350,000 square feet of exhibitions. Even with this large venue, no other companies presented a button less solution with ergonomics and ease of use as the Gorbel and AIMCO combination.


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As manufacturing continues to move back into the United States, more and more companies are needing to update their safety equipment. Keep a competitive edge against the competition and purchase the perfect fit for your application through AIMCO's wide net of USA distribution. Safety equipment, lift assists, free standing cranes, and lifting devices are just a few of the items we specialize in. Our track record says it all, and with customer satisfaction around the globe, you can feel safe when investing in AIMCO equipment. The video to the right is an example of AIMCO's Below the Hook Device on a Gorbel G-Force Intelligent iQ- designed and demonstrated by project engineer Mike Siler. With the integration of AIMCO tooling, operators are able to ergonomically, and efficiently, move parts and products with ease around their facility. Give AIMCO a call today and discuss your application with one of our experienced project engineers.


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As our world continues to become flattened by the technologies that connect us, shipping demands will continue to increase. Stay ahead of the curve with AIMCO's new Mobile Order Picker, and end the battle with turnover that many distribution centers face. This system will allow operators to have less fatigue and injuries, as well as decrease palletization time. If your business has a constant need for custom picking and placing off loaded product shelves, the AIMCO's MOP is the perfect solution for you. The articulating jib arm (VacuJib) carries the air internally to the lifting tube, providing an easy to maneuver, fully articulated jib crane. Product manager and engineer, Eric Steffes, takes you through all of the features you can expect with this system. Please view the video to the left and see for your self how versatile AIMCO's Mobile Order Picker is. You can learn more about its capabilities by giving us a call or shooting us an e-mail at


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Our YouTube channel is growing, with more and more videos of material handling solutions across all kinds of industries. We now have increased the production quality to deliver HD images of the tools we make, and show customers just how detailed AIMCO is when delivering a lift assist. The video to the left shows a below the hook device that is integrated with a Gorbel G-Force. It is designed and narrated by James Abbo, a project engineer at AIMCO Manufacturing. Please feel free to subscribe to our channel, leave comments on what you like, or don't like, so we can continue to improve our products. Also, you can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep in touch and get notified of our upcoming events and latest news. Our jib cranes, industrial manipulators, and lifting devices are engineered to last through the toughest of environments, all while providing an ergonomic experience for operators. Please contact us to discuss your specific material handling needs.


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AIMCO is one of Gorbel's preferred integrators, and has made below the hook tooling on their systems for decades. This video shows a tool, engineered by Mike Siler, that uses a series of grippers to pick and place electrical units. This is one example of how our engineers integrate with other companies to bring a world class solution to material handling problems. Some other notable companies that at frequently integrated with are Konecranes, Schmalz, PHD, Piab, Vaculex, Anver, JD Neuhaus, Ingersoll Rand, and much more. Using the highest quality cylinders, valves, and switches in our pneumatic circuits sets AIMCO apart from competitors. Air logic boxes neatly house delicate components from the harsh manufacturing settings that can quickly damage them. Having a protected infrastructure, with minimal exposed airlines, is essential to the longevity of your investment. Don't settle for less on your next safety equipment purchase.


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Creating new and innovate products is a part of AIMCO's heritage. One patent that has recently went through is for our VacuJib; AIMCO's articulating jib with internal air chambers that deliver vacuum for a pump to the end of arm tube. This is one example o the many products engineered, developed, and tested in the AIMCO facility. The video to the left shows Eric Steffes, AIMCO's product manager, introducing a new patent pending tool known as the Skirt Grab. This device uses a thin sheet of material coupled with vacuum to produce a custom fit suction cup for a large range of irregular shaped parts. Though still in development, this product can change the way warehouses around the world fill orders, place items in boxes, and stack pallets. This is another device that we have integrated to Gorbel's G-Force, and we even show how the part can be used for the up/down travel when the Hub is set to Float Mode.


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