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Aimco Manufacturing

AIMCO Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment including articulated jib cranes, industrial manipulators, machine loading systems and custom end effectors.

AIMCO integrated industrial lift assist systems enhance operator safety, protect delicate payloads, reduce operator fatigue, decrease labor costs, and increase productivity.

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Featured Lift Assists

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AIMCO Mechanical Grap    

“AIMCO Mechanical Grab End Effector This system is used for picking and placing automotive rotors in and out of dunnage and machining centers. Features include incrementally adjustable handle, manual rotation, 359° swivel under handle, trigger unclamp, and one hand safety set down."

Auto Clamp & Unclamp Control Package    

“Aimco has expanded its recent development of an automatic clamp & unclamp control package. The video shows several custom tailored, mechanical & vacuum clamping tools with the ACU control.”


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