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Aimco Manufacturing

AIMCO Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment including articulated jib cranes, industrial manipulators, machine loading systems and custom end effectors.

AIMCO integrated industrial lift assist systems enhance operator safety, protect delicate payloads, reduce operator fatigue, decrease labor costs, and increase productivity.

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Featured Lift Assists

AIMCO free standing Articulated Jib Crane with a Torque Arm and custom End Effector. A turn-key solution that includes the crane, lifter, and tooling. The rigid lifting action is what drives the smooth operation and is what upholds part orientation while reaching into the machine. This AIMCO system was coupled with a Sunnen SV-2152 to produce a remarkably efficient work cell.

AIM6206 manipulates a 70 lb. medical device with minimal contact, using contoured jaws machined specifically for the handles on the part. Product care and operator safety are in the forefront of our designs.

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