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AIMCO Lift Assist Products

Articulated Jib
AIMCO Articulated Jib cranes are widely considered the finest available. The AIMCO bearing design assures smooth and.... Read more
Torque Arm
The AIMCO Torque Arm bridges the gap between a hoist and a traditional manipulator. The Torque Arm provides a rigid "load arm" between... Read more
Vac Jib
AIMCO Vacuum Series Articulating Jib with 360° continuous rotation at two pivot joints. Each pivot joint is equipped with Timken tapered roller bearings... Read more
Numo Arm
AIMCO will integrate all manufacturers' Air Balancers with an AIMCO Articulated Jib Crane at no additional cost. The balancer is nested at... Read more
AIMCO's Model SL100 Low Headroom "Maxi-Lift" Pneumatic Lift provides maximum
lift in work areas where headroom is a premium and.... Read more
Articulated Lift Arm
AIMCO's Articulated Lifting Arms are ideal for load manipulation in low headroom environments. Lifting arms provide the ability to reach-in, around, and... Read more
Mounting Options
AIMCO's Manipulator Platform allows for integration to take place between AIMCO's lifting systems and overhead workstation cranes.... Read more
Custom Jib Intigration
Standard and Custom accessories available. Combine Tool Holders, Tables, Shelves, etc. Utilize all of your floor space... Read more
Non-Mechanical Grab
AIMCO's Non-Mechanical Grab End Effectors are a great choice for material handling applications that involve straight picking and placing.... Read more
Mechanical Grab
This style of tooling incorporates pneumatic power to clamp and or encapsulate a part for safe handling. AIMCO's Mechanical Grab End Effector is... Read more
Vacuum Grab
AIMCO produces vacuum lifters for a number of different industrial markets including (not limited to) glass handling, sheet metal, plate handling,... Read more
Magnet Grab
Great for fast product engagement and quick release. This series of end tooling makes picking of jumbled parts easy and efficient. Magnetic part holding... Read more
Handlebar Configurations
Standard up/down pendant
Custom holsters for existing hoist pendants. Dual-Load & Triple-Load Weight Control. Infinite Float Mode available with... Read more
End Effector Logic
Control Handles with up to 4 buttons. Recessed momentary buttons. Rocker-style switches
Various 2-position & 3-position toggle switches... Read more
System Safeties
Air hoists are designed to provide specific maximum lifting capacity. When in a lift mode, the hoist will have the capability to lift to its rated capacity.... Read more