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AIMCO Manufacturing Products


From suspension, lifting devices, end effectors and controls, AIMCO Manufacturing has a solution for your application. This page contains the links to our various product categories, and they can also be navigated through the top menu.


This section will give you information like capacity, reach, travel, and rotation features that our products offer. Use this reference when qualifying specifications for a project you are working on. These can also be used as a starting point for working with an engineer.


Diagrams and animations are provided for each section of our product pages. Also, appendices from our Product Line Catalog are included for some of the products discussed.  The full Product Line Catalog can be downloaded on the Downloads page.


AIMCO incorporates shop air to power pneumatics for hoist, air balancers, torque arms, rotary actuators, clamps, grippers and a slew of other devices. For most work cells and applications, this is a great advantage as it requires less installation time and more cost savings. For more details on these devices, choose a category from the choices below. If you have any questions on our products, please send them to

AIMCO Products Categories

Select one of these categories to find out more information. The pages contain diagrams, animations and specifications on the product.