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Non-Powered Grab

AIMCO's Non-Powered Grab End Effectors are a great choice for material handling applications that involve straight picking and placing. If a common feature exists between all parts being handled (pockets, lifting eyes, or holes), a Non-Mechanical tool with forks, hooks, or probes, is simple and economical solution. As is the case with all Custom AIMCO End Effectors, the lifting device will be designed specifically for the task at hand. AIMCO has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of end effector tooling, from simple configurations to complex.  AIMCO provides control packages that are designed for reliable product handling and can be supplied to manipulate loads in a variety of ways.











AIMCO Non-Powered Grab

Non-Powered Grab Examples

Browse through these images for some recent examples of AIMCO's Non-Powered Grabs.