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*Custom Mounts Available*

Mounting Options

AIMCO's Portable Base can be rated up to 444 LBs. (max weight must take tooling into account). This ballast base is equipped with two fork pockets and four leveling pads. It is required that the ballast base be filled with steel shot to a pre-determined weight to provide the required safety factor; otherwise known as a tip-ratio. Heavy duty brackets are employed in a compression-plate arrangement to fix an AIMCO Lift-Assist System on to an existing building column. This mounting option is fully customizable to fit an I-beam or a round column of any size. Building column strength must be verified by end user. A single or double ear bracket can be designed to fit any hoist trolley on a workstation crane. Clevis arrangement can be fixed to an AIMCO Torque Arm, or an AIMCO supplied air hoist/balancer.










AIMCO Mounting Options

Mounting Option Examples

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